It’s a long overdue update (on Christmas Eve)!

So I have not posted since April, April, and I really thought about just not doing this at all. That’s 8 months. But I really missed my crafting. It’s my stress relief and between two jobs and college I need some stress relief! I’ve done a little crafting here and there but I decided I really need to get back into it to keep myself sane. So to keep myself motivated I shall post my work and progress. So without further ado I present two projects I have finished:

My Flower Sampler:

A Mario from the orignal NES hand towel:

I have a couple more projects that I’ve finished (a scarf and a book mark)¬†and a few more that I’m currently working on (a massive Mario montage, another scarf, and 18 bags). So I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for a while.


Current Project (One of Many)

I was in the mood for a sampler one day and I found this pattern. It’s one of the more elaborate patterns I’ve worked on. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

The pattern came for the Reader’s Digest Big Book of Patterns. It is my new cross stitching best friend. I’ll post more pictures as I complete more of it.