A Year in Review

Since I started my blog at the beginning¬†of the year and since it has been so long since I have had a chance to really spend time with it, I decided to look back at it from the beginning. It’s kind of like a crafting year in review for me. So after mulling it over here is what I decided about my this past year as far as crafting goes:

1. I finished my floral sampler: It’s my first¬†actual sampler and it’s cool.

2. I still have a thing for my initials.

3. I have no time or desire to perfect my crocheting skills: my true passion in the yarn arts lies in knitting.

4. I finished the Mario hand towel and discovered I enjoy stitching video game related things.

5. I have gotten into scrapbooking thanks to the kids I teach and I like it.

6. Chasing children around for 8 hours is just as good as yoga for weight loss and doesn’t require me to knit a special bag.

7. I still hate skiing though I have developed a better relationship with snow. Snow and I get along much better if I just look at it through a window.

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a wonderful new year!


Creative Scrapbooking

I never really got into scrapbooking until I saw this book:

Scrapbooking has always been to me something that mothers do about family vacations and other important moments in life. I am not a mother and therefore felt left out of scrapbooking until I found this. Of course this is more about journaling (something else I’m not good at) than scrapbooking, but it’s still in the same family. The author has more cool stuff at her website. As it turns out, I’m not as creative when it comes to paper crafts, but I hope to be making stuff like this before long: