Basket Weave Scarf

(Yet another work in progress!)

I’ve been working on this scarf for a little while now. I was hoping to have it finished by the time it got cold but that didn’t quite work out. But anyway the name of the yarn was “French Country” and it made me think of a basket so I found a basket weave pattern and decided to knit a scarf. This was my first time not really knitting from a pattern, but it’s a scarf so I figured I could handle it.

(Good book)

I found this book and, while feeling brave, decided to knit something with only a stitch in┬ámind. This book has a great section for creating your own knitting designs so I would highly recommend it. (On a side note for a long time I did not realize the title was “The Knitting Directory” not “The Knitting Dictionary“. I kept telling people about the about “The Knitting Dictionary”.)

I should take a moment to say I really like Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. Not only is it affordable, but it’s super quick and easy to knit scarfs with. They also have quite a selection of variegated yarns which I like to use when I’m knitting scarves. (For whatever reason I feel like I’m knitting faster with variegated yarn.) So there was my little plug for Red Heart yarn. Maybe now they’ll send me some free stuff.


There Once Was A Turtle Named Jack…

There once was a turtle named Jack and he crawled in a wrinkled lunch sack. He met a green turtle and her name was Myrtle and she said would you like a snack? He loved her bologna and cheese and said would you marry me please? She said this was fun, but I have to run. I think you are making me sneeze! Achoo!

I didn’t come up with that myself, it’s a book I read almost every day to the children I work with. But the turtle is totally something I would love to knit. It’s like the knitting version of amigurumi crochet. The pattern came from the awesome people over at Knitty.

He has a removable shell! How cool is that? I had a professor in college who looked like a turtle without his shell, but he wasn’t this cute.

Comming Soon: An update on my flower sampler!

Another Hat

This is one of my favorite projects, and certainly one of my favorite hats. This is my pixie hat I knit to wear when I went skiing one year. Rest assured I was the only person flailing down the ski slope in a pixie hat, but it did the trick.

The pattern came from this book:

It’s full of awesome little projects. I want to make more stuff from this book, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Amy Singer has a website which is well with checking out. It’s full of free, awesome projects of all skill levels.

By the way, I hate skiing.

Yoga Mat Bag

I decided to try yoga for weight loss. As it turns out yoga is a lot harder than it looks. And what worse is that it is a delayed pain: I feel good after doing yoga, but an hour later I can no longer walk. So now I have a yoga mat but no yoga mat bag. What’s a girl to do? Knit one! (Or go to the store and buy one, but that’s not creative at all!) So here’s the bag I want to make:

I’m not sure if I’ll make it striped or solid yet. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. The pattern comes from here:

Hopefully I’ll survive yoga long enough to make my yoga mat bag.


These are two hats I made when I chaperoned a mission trip with my church’s youth group. They both come from the same pattern, I just changed the second one up a bit. I was actually supposed to knit these on round needles, but figured out how to do it on straight needles.

The pattern came from One-Skein Wonders, which is true to it’s name. This book is perfect for me because it’s little projects that can be knit up fairly quickly. I tend to have trouble finishing big projects. I blame this on working too much, so clearly I need to work less and craft more.

The Sweater

For my next project I want to knit a sweater. Particularly this sweater:

I attempted it knit it a few years ago and made quite alot of progress. I had finished the body and was working on the arms when it unraveled. I cried and then put it in the back of my closet. As soon as I finish my flower sampler and Mario towel I want to try it again.

The pattern comes from this book and, according to the title, can be finished in a weekend. I highly doubt it. Maybe if it was a long weekend and I had nothing else to do, but that never happens.