Bookmarks, Bookmarks Everywhere (But Never One When You Need It)

I’m always in need of a bookmark but I can never find one, which is strange because I used to work in a library and amassed quite a collection of them. Anyway, some months back as I was asking my grandmother, the woman who has everything, what she wanted for Christmas, I noticed she was marking her place in her book with a napkin. This gave me an idea. She has always appreciated my cross stitched gifts to her in the past so why not give her something both cross stitched and practical? And voila! A cross stitched bookmark!

Such a simple little bookmark with 500 different colors in it. For a design that came on the back of the package it gave me fits. But it came out pretty. While I was working on it I ran across one I did a few years ago.

Years ago you could find neon colored canvas at Hobby Lobby with patterns for different funky designs, but alas, no longer. I’ve looked for them but haven’t been able to find them. Now I’m off to find a book in which to put my bookmark!


It’s a long overdue update (on Christmas Eve)!

So I have not posted since April, April, and I really thought about just not doing this at all. That’s 8 months. But I really missed my crafting. It’s my stress relief and between two jobs and college I need some stress relief! I’ve done a little crafting here and there but I decided I really need to get back into it to keep myself sane. So to keep myself motivated I shall post my work and progress. So without further ado I present two projects I have finished:

My Flower Sampler:

A Mario from the orignal NES hand towel:

I have a couple more projects that I’ve finished (a scarf and a book mark) and a few more that I’m currently working on (a massive Mario montage, another scarf, and 18 bags). So I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for a while.

Current Project – Mario Through the Years

This is a project I’ve been working on for my sister since November. It’s actually a hand towel. I got the pattern from an awesome little website called Sprite Stitch that features cross stitch patterns from video games. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like when finished:

It’s really more like Mario through the games rather than through the years. I’ve already finished a small Link and Zelda.

She has the finished thing with her at college,  but trust me it’s awesome. As I finish more of Mario I’ll post it, but right now I’m trying to focus on finishing my floral sampler.