Basket Weave Scarf

(Yet another work in progress!)

I’ve been working on this scarf for a little while now. I was hoping to have it finished by the time it got cold but that didn’t quite work out. But anyway the name of the yarn was “French Country” and it made me think of a basket so I found a basket weave pattern and decided to knit a scarf. This was my first time not really knitting from a pattern, but it’s a scarf so I figured I could handle it.

(Good book)

I found this book and, while feeling brave, decided to knit something with only a stitch in┬ámind. This book has a great section for creating your own knitting designs so I would highly recommend it. (On a side note for a long time I did not realize the title was “The Knitting Directory” not “The Knitting Dictionary“. I kept telling people about the about “The Knitting Dictionary”.)

I should take a moment to say I really like Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. Not only is it affordable, but it’s super quick and easy to knit scarfs with. They also have quite a selection of variegated yarns which I like to use when I’m knitting scarves. (For whatever reason I feel like I’m knitting faster with variegated yarn.) So there was my little plug for Red Heart yarn. Maybe now they’ll send me some free stuff.


Bookmarks, Bookmarks Everywhere (But Never One When You Need It)

I’m always in need of a bookmark but I can never find one, which is strange because I used to work in a library and amassed quite a collection of them. Anyway, some months back as I was asking my grandmother, the woman who has everything, what she wanted for Christmas, I noticed she was marking her place in her book with a napkin. This gave me an idea. She has always appreciated my cross stitched gifts to her in the past so why not give her something both cross stitched and practical? And voila! A cross stitched bookmark!

Such a simple little bookmark with 500 different colors in it. For a design that came on the back of the package it gave me fits. But it came out pretty. While I was working on it I ran across one I did a few years ago.

Years ago you could find neon colored canvas at Hobby Lobby with patterns for different funky designs, but alas, no longer. I’ve looked for them but haven’t been able to find them. Now I’m off to find a book in which to put my bookmark!