Oh The Bags, The Bags!

So I have this problem, well actually I have several problems. I don’t learn lessons well and I often misjudge the size of and time it will take to complete projects. With this in mind I recently volunteered to make new bags for all 18 of the children in the K4 class for which I am the assistant teacher. (They don’t carry book bags to school and the plastic Dr. Susse bags they are currently carrying are on their last leg.) So I found a pattern to make a simple bag out of a pillowcase. It’s quick, simple, and relatively cheap.

My Test Bag

Here’s where I run into a problem: affordable pillowcases are cheaply made. Well made, colorfully patterned pillowcases are expensive (and bear in mind I am buying 18 of them). And finding a decent pillowcase that I can afford with anything other than stripes on it is impossible. So I decide to just go out and buy the fabric which theoretically shouldn’t be any more expensive than buying a pillowcase. In reality I am wrong. I don’t have a lot of options as far as fabric stores where I live so my options are limited. But I bought the fabric anyway. It was funky and retro and too cute to pass up. The bags are going to turn out a lot cuter than what I had originally envisioned.

The Material For The Girl’s Bags

So the bags will turn out cute, the kids will flip, and I will officially be the coolest assistant teacher ever (as if there was ever any doubt). Another lesson not learned.


One thought on “Oh The Bags, The Bags!

  1. The bags will be great and the children will love them. Next time think of Goodwill. There are always very colorful pillowcases in there that are in great shape. I see some that look new. They would be a dollar a case, or in the alternative, buy a set of sheets for $2.99, and you could make dozens. I buy most of my materials for crafts, especially fabrics, at Goodwill. I’m committed to green crafting.

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