Oh The Bags, The Bags!

So I have this problem, well actually I have several problems. I don’t learn lessons well and I often misjudge the size of and time it will take to complete projects. With this in mind I recently volunteered to make new bags for all 18 of the children in the K4 class for which I am the assistant teacher. (They don’t carry book bags to school and the plastic Dr. Susse bags they are currently carrying are on their last leg.) So I found a pattern to make a simple bag out of a pillowcase. It’s quick, simple, and relatively cheap.

My Test Bag

Here’s where I run into a problem: affordable pillowcases are cheaply made. Well made, colorfully patterned pillowcases are expensive (and bear in mind I am buying 18 of them). And finding a decent pillowcase that I can afford with anything other than stripes on it is impossible. So I decide to just go out and buy the fabric which theoretically shouldn’t be any more expensive than buying a pillowcase. In reality I am wrong. I don’t have a lot of options as far as fabric stores where I live so my options are limited. But I bought the fabric anyway. It was funky and retro and too cute to pass up. The bags are going to turn out a lot cuter than what I had originally envisioned.

The Material For The Girl’s Bags

So the bags will turn out cute, the kids will flip, and I will officially be the coolest assistant teacher ever (as if there was ever any doubt). Another lesson not learned.


A Year in Review

Since I started my blog at the beginning of the year and since it has been so long since I have had a chance to really spend time with it, I decided to look back at it from the beginning. It’s kind of like a crafting year in review for me. So after mulling it over here is what I decided about my this past year as far as crafting goes:

1. I finished my floral sampler: It’s my first actual sampler and it’s cool.

2. I still have a thing for my initials.

3. I have no time or desire to perfect my crocheting skills: my true passion in the yarn arts lies in knitting.

4. I finished the Mario hand towel and discovered I enjoy stitching video game related things.

5. I have gotten into scrapbooking thanks to the kids I teach and I like it.

6. Chasing children around for 8 hours is just as good as yoga for weight loss and doesn’t require me to knit a special bag.

7. I still hate skiing though I have developed a better relationship with snow. Snow and I get along much better if I just look at it through a window.

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a wonderful new year!

It’s a long overdue update (on Christmas Eve)!

So I have not posted since April, April, and I really thought about just not doing this at all. That’s 8 months. But I really missed my crafting. It’s my stress relief and between two jobs and college I need some stress relief! I’ve done a little crafting here and there but I decided I really need to get back into it to keep myself sane. So to keep myself motivated I shall post my work and progress. So without further ado I present two projects I have finished:

My Flower Sampler:

A Mario from the orignal NES hand towel:

I have a couple more projects that I’ve finished (a scarf and a book mark) and a few more that I’m currently working on (a massive Mario montage, another scarf, and 18 bags). So I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for a while.