There Once Was A Turtle Named Jack…

There once was a turtle named Jack and he crawled in a wrinkled lunch sack. He met a green turtle and her name was Myrtle and she said would you like a snack? He loved her bologna and cheese and said would you marry me please? She said this was fun, but I have to run. I think you are making me sneeze! Achoo!

I didn’t come up with that myself, it’s a book I read almost every day to the children I work with. But the turtle is totally something I would love to knit. It’s like the knitting version of amigurumi crochet. The pattern came from the awesome people over at Knitty.

He has a removable shell! How cool is that? I had a professor in college who looked like a turtle without his shell, but he wasn’t this cute.

Comming Soon: An update on my flower sampler!


Love Cross Stitching

I did this a loooong time ago. I’m pretty sure this pattern came with the fabric when I bought it. I’m also pretty sure I did this during a hurricane when there wasn’t much else to do other than sleep while waiting out the storm. That was back during the years the Gulf Coast got alot of minor hurricanes. Not much wind damage, but tons of rain.